All to often as a developer I found myself in complete agreement with post like, “Why I Created a WordPress Theme Framework.” Quotes from other developers would resonate so well with me yet leave me unresolved for a real solution

“Basically, it came to a point where end users don’t benefit from theme frameworks, only theme devs do”

– Jeff Chandler

So from this place I began a journey to solve this problem while still creating custom solutions to my client’s REAL business problems. With the help of fellow WordPress evangelist, Seth Carstens, I realized we need to stop blaming WordPress and start understanding it. With that issue resolved in my mind I began anew with my approach to the same problems, but this time considering what WordPress thinks. What I mean by that is, what does the WordPress community think? This matters because when I debate with the other CMS evangelist one thing it ultimately comes down to is the community. As I tell them, the blood, the life to all open source projects is the community; and WordPress’s community is by far the strongest. So the correct solution to the problems we’re facing should play to that strength and encourage community support. For this reason Div Blend was born and the Div Blend products were developed.

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