Div Blend Package

To make developing the themes, plugins, and the site application easier we began developing a set of tools that function together in a modular way so that you can use only the parts you want in your development process. For more information on why these tools exist, or about the “site application” please read The Div Blend Approach


Here is an overview of the blend tools:

  • Div Library (Parent Plugin)

    A toolbox of custom extendable classes for developing solutions (business logic). Consider Div Library to be a plugin framework, a parent resource to the Site Application as well as other custom add-on or extendable plugins that you can create yourself. Don’t expect any visual change to appear when activating, this is strictly a library to use throughout development. (see more)

  • Div Starter (Child Plugin)

    This is a site application boilerplate to create your own application with custom solutions for your project while extending the Div Library plugin. Use this as a springboard towards project specific development to meet business needs. Develop CPT modules, widgets, and shortcodes with ease and without restraint so that you can develop solutions that work.  (see more)

  • Div Framework (Parent Theme)

    This is the theme-framework component of Div Blend; it is a parent theme that includes custom actions, filters, templates and HTML markup. This is a vanilla flavored theme, containing standard WordPress pages with filters to reduce customization efforts when developing the child theme. As a framework the goal is to not get in the way of the developers ability to create a custom theme.

  • Div Ready (Child Theme)

    A boilerplate child theme for developers to begin developing amazing websites. This child theme is loaded with SASS and emphasizes “mobile-first” theme development based on the philosophy of [Bones Starter theme by Themble](http://themble.com/bones/). Get ready, steady and go as you move forward with responsive design that works.

Now Develop!

There is inter-dependency between these 4 initial components, they are complementary and intended to be used together but specifically developed with the intent of not binding any developer at any level to the div blend philosophy. So if you want to make a bootstrap child theme to complement the Div Framework, go right on ahead with your bad self. Develop according to your strength but consider the scope presented and the WordPress Way so that whatever you build is not outdated by a future WordPress release.