Div Blend Philosophy

Developers come in all shapes, sizes, and upbringings. Too often we can identify our difference, the things that divide us from one another, but Div Blend is a mission statement to blend our differences for a common good.

When it comes to WordPress development the goal is to understand #TheWordPressWay so that our code is not deprecated, vulnerable, or poor simply because we abandoned the core application that we chose in the first place. #TheWordPressWay is the integrity of WordPress as an application platform, so when we develop on this platform we must begin with a goal to blend our difference to the platform of choice.

With that said, let’s understanding Themes and Plugins within WordPress.:

  • Themes are designed for visual logic; apparence, styles, markup, etc.
  • Plugins are then responsible for business logic; custom post types, widgets, shortcodes, etc.

Although it is easy to combine the efforts into one solution like many have attempted when creating a complete solution for a project, but as you begin to use WordPress the way it was intended you will experience freedom in your coding and maturity in your development.